New Book: OBLIVIOUS: “The Event Horizon for the Biggest thing in the Universe “


In the bible, Jesus is quoted as saying: 

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

As a result the cultural church has taught:

  • That all religions are invalid except for Christianity.
  • A convert to Christianity has to be a person who performs certain duties like, pray a prayer for forgiveness and asks Jesus into their heart, start going to a church, listen to Christian music-but they have to really mean it.
  • That the world is evil and controlled by the devil and will be destroyed by a big battle between Jesus and the anti-christ.
  • That only Christian’s will escape this big tribulation via the rapture.
  • That the only work that really matters in the world is winning converts to Jesus.

But is there another way to interpret this?


It’s so obvious. It’s so clear. It’s so simple. Why hasn’t the church been teaching this? The answer will shock you.

Many people have rightfully rejected what they have been told is Christianity. In fact, if I thought Christianity was what I see in the modern church, then I would likely reject it too. But what if it was something different.

This book will challenge those aspects of our thinking where we have adopted a fundamentalist/legalistic mindset, and it will provide tremendous biblical support for all the claims.  It will provide a lens that will allow much grace for those who have doubts and raise valid questions about faith. It will also help provide the necessary humility for those whose certainty has obscured things they don’t know.

Sign up here  to get a free copy.

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