Who are the Church Alumni?

What or who are the church alumni?

The short answer: The church alumni are people who used to go to church.

But in another sense, the church alumni are those who have a legitimate skepticism of the cultural church system, and for integrity’s sake, could never bring themselves to go.

The church alumni may still be attending a local church, with a sincere hope of changing it, all the while knowing the system itself is not the focus of their work.

These are people who possess a valid faith while honestly harboring significant doubts. They are those who are interested in following Christ or goodness, but will not forsake reason for blind faith. They may even be those who follow him without knowing it.

The church alumni have realized that scripture doesn’t require them to go to church, but to be the church. Guilt is no longer a motivator. Meaning is.

The church alumni have traded in the Sunday “big show” for a life lived out, where faith touches and influences everything and everyone. They include others.

The church alumni celebrate the “new wine” and not the old “wine skin.”

Any observer can see that the cultural church is in decline…on the path to becoming relics like churches in Europe. But the church alumni see that as a good thing because:

  • The REAL Church is headed by Jesus, not some dude in a robe, a suit, a hawaiian shirt, or true religion jeans.
  • The REAL Church is rising up. The church alumni greatly outnumber those trapped in the system.
  • The REAL Church is inclusive and expanding.
  • The REAL Church has no gimmicks. It’s attractive because its real, not because of marketing, or popular figures.
  • The REAL Church believes we are building a great city and that it starts with the spirit in each one of us.
  • The REAL Church is optimistic about the future.
  • The REAL Church actually has power and is transformative. A real benefit to the world.

Still unsure? This blog is for you. Welcome to ambiguity and freedom.

Looking for new ways to connect to each other and to God. Then you are in great company. I hope this is a place to learn more, be challenged in your beliefs, and inspire you to live authentically.



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