Dormant Potential

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I spend a lot time in conversations with people who find themselves stuck in the workplace. You know the drill: people who have passions, ambitions, goals and hopes that far transcend the realities of their employment. Most people are not really satisfied at work, they are underemployed, or they are working in a field that is disconnected to their deepest passions, and they are working in environments that are based on fear, or control and thus they never get a chance to really thrive in work or life.

We all know people in this place. To some level, we all find ourselves in this place. We can all imagine the world a little bit better than it is. A world where we are finally cultivated, passionately connected, and where we get to develop into our full potential, where we are economically made whole, and where that hardly matters because we would likely do this kind of work for free.

Work cultures are not unlike other cultures found in religion, politics and education. Those in power, want to stay in power and direct all the worker bees on what to do. Don’t get me wrong, there is a need to organize people and their efforts based on jobs and required activities. But there is a big difference between an employer who oppresses by using fear and intimidation, and a leader who inspires a person to bring excellence even in the pedantic work because he has connected it to the greater mission.

One stifles people. The other builds them up. One is a prison. The other is liberation. They both perform the same tasks but do so in radically different ways. One is darkness. The other is light.

I believe we are on the cusp of a real revolution. People are less likely to work for systems that oppress. The trend is for companies to produce greater benefit to the world if they want to attract the best talent. Companies with a social conscience are popular. People work much hard for systems that liberate people and cultivate them into their personal best.  This is the function of the gospel as far as I can tell–It’s the liberation of the captive, and the setting free of the prisoner (Isaiah 61, Luke 4).  Yes, I said it: business can display the gospel.

Imagine what a few tweaks could do to the present economy and world, by liberating and activating the present workforce. People don’t have to work scared, they put in far more of themselves than ever. Service goes up because everyone changes from the W.I.I.F.M. approach to life. Businesses thrive because they focus on mutually beneficial exchanges of goods and services–true win/win’s. Production goes up, profits go up, tax revenue goes up, unemployment goes down, opportunity to grow and be in the best possible environment rises, and people flourish wherever they are. It’s transportable to every system in the globe.

It’s not just a pipe dream. It’s possible. It’s already happening.

Wow. A changed disposition shared among the workforce, can change the world. A new idea makes all the difference to everyone on the globe. But, It’s not a new idea. It’s been around for years. Promised in Judaism, found in many world religions and it is the hallmark of authentic Christianity (as distinct from cultural christianity which is amuck today).

It’s the promise of a new kingdom. The benefit of people being inspired by a leader who leads and liberates them from the inside-out.

People get this everywhere I go. I think its time we all work together to liberate this potential within all of us. Let’s play to win, and stop playing not to lose. Offense. Not defense. Hope. Not despair. Liberty. Not captivity.

It starts with our disposition today.  What will you bring to those you will touch today. Will do unto others as you would have them do unto you? If so, your a worker in the kingdom of light, hope, and liberation.

It’s your choice what kingdom you want to create.