Is a Sermon more powerful than a Blog?

As you answer this question, my hope is that you become aware of the biases that might be present in your thinking.

If you over “spiritualize” what a sermon is and you convince yourself that preaching from a pulpit on a Sunday morning is a sanctioned or “official” means of God speaking through a servant to a people, then it is quite possible that you will truncate your ability to hear God’s voice in other areas of your life.

On the other hand a blog, so long as it is just a mind rambling on about observations, may not have much truly helpful content or any basis whatsoever in truth. It can easily be entertaining but may not have any reliable anchor to truth which is beneficial to the reader.

We know there are preachers with vast audiences just as there are blogs with huge followings. While the common assumption is to conclude the sermon is more reliable, the fact that on average, less than 40% of our population actually believes a sermon is a source of reliable information, namely because it is the crown jewel in a Sunday event that most people in our cities do not opt into.

Just like sermons, most blogs fall on deaf ears or on very few ears at best. And just like sermons, every now and then a blog post really speaks to a person.

When that happens, what is transpiring?

In essence, two or maybe three minds are connecting. What is interesting, is that it is precisely the same if one were in a building.  The mind of the communicator is connected to the mind of the receiver.  The way in which God would use a pastor to prepare a sermon may in fact be no different than the way He would use a blogger. Inspiration (from the Greek word Pneuma meaning Spirit or Wind) is that God breathes into a person something that makes them take action and write down something, knowing the audience can be built up.

Scripture tells us in John 3:6 that something that is born of the Spirit IS Spirit.  That is nondenominational. That thing that is born when you are inspired (be it Art, business, leadership, restoration, cooking, physical accomplishments, and so on….) is SPIRIT.

It feels like us. It feels like its OUR SPIRIT.

…and it is. But its more than that. It’s also God breathing in us. Through us.

When we are bored and uninspired, is it not these times where we are most depressed? Isn’t it at these times where we most despise our life?

It’s a sort of death and somehow we know this deep inside.

It pains us. It scares us that life will stay this way forever.

We need God to breath in us. Even if we wouldn’t call it that. We need an idea that will take us out of our funk. We all know we need a lift that will save us from this death.

All people share this experience. It’s part of the human experience.

Now if you capture this in you mind, and these words allow you to rethink how a breath can transform things, then maybe, just maybe, a blog is a gift, from a place farther up and further back than you originally thought.

In one sense, these are my words. But in another sense, these words are only coming through me.

The time you saved by not going to a Sunday show is now yours to live and give to others. You now have a new way to relate to God. To learn.

Not a dollar was wasted on building, lights, salary’s or insurance.  Every cent in your pocket can go behind your inspiration and you can benefit a world that is waiting for you.

We need inspiration or we die.  Who will your inspiration build up?