The JOY of Anti-Gravity

One moment here is better than 1000 elsewhere.

One moment here is better than a thousand elsewhere.

This image was taken last night as the sun was setting. The kids were jumping off the porch into the grass as the celebration of a beautiful day and cap to their weekend.

Their repeated attempts confused me until I finally freed myself from my “Why are you doing that?” mindset and grasped that they were PURSUING & CAPTURING a fleeting moment.

In life, all we really have are moments that tick by at 60 per minute. We also have a choice between capturing them or letting them slip by.

As adults we balance the moment of weightlessness, with a proven knowledge of the effects of gravity.

Gravity is pervasive. The weight of the world is pressing on us.

  • Our jobs. Our relationships.
  • Our physical limitations.
  • In our illness or weakness.
  • In our economic need.

At every turn we are being pressed, poured out and molded by countless pressures.

But we have an option–LEAP! Press with all your might against the force. Then capture the moment.

As people, we were not meant to be chained to the earth, there is something within each of us that so deeply longs for liberation.

While some will never be free because they see the effort of jumping as futile, or even wrong, there is an army of people who know that satisfaction for this longing comes contained in very small bits of the present.

Those who venture for this moment, capture something more than the present, they find proximity to a presence.

Nearly every endeavor a person can engage in has the potential of this presence. It’s everywhere. In every sport, passion, or pursuit. It’s the joy of antigravity.  It’s that moment when you are no longer held captive to everything that pins you down. You finally become free to jump.

While in the air, you have only the rush of the air (the Pneuma or Spirit). You can’t hear the dirge song on the ground telling you to play it safe.

Yes, liberation comes with gravity attached. So what?! Gravity is a reminder of the vast amount of effort we must put forth in life to counter balance it for the sake of freedom.

We are only bound if we don’t leap. What a free person possesses in that moment is worth what gravity will deal every single time.

Leap form your porch and join us.