Dissolving and Resolving.

The turn of the year showcases for us in the clearest fashion both sides of one of life’s most common issues: Personal Change.

In one corner we have what is left of our year. Looking back we can see countless circumstances and events that we had no way of seeing…So much that altered the path we had intended. If we stop at blaming external circumstances for our lack of personal progress, we will do our self a huge disservice. We must go deeper. We must examine all of those things for which we did have control, but that we either failed to do, or we did poorly.

And so last years resolution dissolves and as it does we have a moment where we can actually get at some of our deeper motivations, and those things that we love more than our resolutions.

In the other corner, we have the resolution for the coming year. “This time, I’ll reach my target weight.”  ”This is the year I get a better job, finish your education, finally attain to a better life, get over that pesky addiction, life healthy, take time to enjoy life, etc…”

We each want a better life. And what is amazing, is that we each possess the necessary components to begin living one, UNLESS, we fail to “manage our moment”.

You see, next year is really just a long string of consecutive moments in time. Within any given section, we will have to decide if we want our resolution for personal change, or if we want something else. Apple pie, or target weight? Impulse purchase or get out of debt? To launch our lives or to hit the couch?

Each choice is found within each moment.

The moment then has everything to do with how we are thinking. In a positive place, feeling optimistic–then thinking is easier. In a dark place, feeling discouraged and like a flunky?–then thinking is harder. Feelings change, but the way we handle our moment (how we think) creates future feelings. (i.e. pass up the pie now, feel better later. Eat 3 pieces and we’ll feel like a loser later.)

Each moment has the potential for your greatest acheivement as well as your personal best. One is to resolve, the other is to dissolve. One path leads to your best possible life, the other to Hell on earth.

My last point is that the turning of the year is wonderful because it brings a chance to for us to get it right. To let the dissolving part go away and be replaced with a new part, a living part, our very best part. Paul said in Corinthians that what we sow doesn’t come to life unless it dies. He was speaking of the resurrection.

But the beauty of the new year is that we get to experience this NEW LIFE at every possible moment so long as we have the mind to think toward it.  If we let go to a default mode of comfort and ease, then nothing can make our year happy.