The Simplicity, Beauty, and Power of TRUTH.

Our world is noisy with so many different perspectives all claiming to possess the TRUTH. For the critical thinker, this begs the question as to how can they all be correct.

The modern answer is to make TRUTH relative. Our culture expresses this as “Truth is whatever you believe it to be.” or “Each person has their OWN TRUTH.”

While I understand how they resolved the tension, the result is that truth is deemed as INTERNAL and SUBJECTIVE rather than EXTERNAL and OBJECTIVE.

But I think we can do better.

Its actually much easier than having competing truth claims.

Scripture seems to indicate that all TRUTH is God’s. “The sum of your word is TRUTH and every one of your righteous rules endures forever.” (Psalm 119:160), and it also even goes so far as to say that TRUTH is personified in Jesus: “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life…” (John 14:6).

Those are big claims. But for modern people, the question is how in the world is that possible?

How can the Bible be the source of truth about how an internal combustion engine works?

How can the Bible be the source of truth, especially when it conflicts with what Science has proven?

I think this is where religious people start becoming weird (and believe unbelievable things), and where the unnecessary rift grows between people who really want a reasonable explanation of things.


  1. TRUTH and God are synonymous.
  2. No single person can possess all the Truth.
  3. Therefore all people have some truth (This enables us to function in the world),
  4. While all people lack the truth (Thus we are curious and are always learning and progressing)
  5. All people are ONLY responsible for those aspects of TRUTH they possess.
  6. If they believe something to be true, they are MORALLY obligated to live according to it.
  7. If a person ignores any truth that they possess, there is a corresponding decline in their life in direct proportion to the amount of truth they failed to apply.
  8. If a person applies the truth they possess, there is a corresponding benefit to their life in direct proportion to the amount of truth they apprehended and applied.
  9. Thus all people can possess and benefit their lives by pursuing and applying truth.
  10. This process of pursuing and applying TRUTH for the sake of progress is a THEOLOGICAL pursuit. It is how a person follows after God. Or tries to find God. Even if they don’t define the pursuit as such.

We see this in the simple areas of life and leisure, to the most complex areas of science, finance, and theology.

It seems God is in it all, behind it all, and benefits all who enlist in the process, and brings headwinds for all who ignore it.

No one is exempt. No one is morally superior, for all must apply the truth they possess. All possess the truth they humbly pursue and are able to apprehend.  With greater amounts of truth come greater responsibility for self and others.

It’s quite beautiful. It’s satisfying to know that no one is left out, and those who strive for truth really do receive a commensurate benefit. Those who ignore always bear the consequences in their life. It’s wonderful to see such pure justice in the world.

Nearly every problem then becomes a TRUTH PROBLEM. It is something we Don’t Know, or something we WON’T DO.

Test it. I’ve yet to find an exception.

This doesn’t eliminate competing truth claims. But if both sides are pursuing truth, then they will ultimately resolve into the same place. If they are only interested in being right, then the pursuit of truth is already abandoned because they have presupposed they possess all that is true. Thus only stumbling and strife results, not progress. Politics, Religion, Social, Economic, and Racial tensions, are all examples of the abandonment of the pursuit of truth.

You see, God is clearly observable in the world. He is being pursued and followed and ignored. We just never see him or hear him when that still small voice tells us to floss our teeth.

But if you see him there, you will see him everywhere. And that is pretty cool.