Why people fear competition.

People always fear competition. The obvious reason is that if someone else is working in your space, then they have the potential to apprehend resources, customers, and opportunities, that might ordinarily go to you. But I think the real reason is deep down, people fear their own success.

Competition causes people to try and find an advantage,  a unique differentiator that we can pull ourselves up on. It’s a proven strategy–so long as our mindset is one of “scarcity.”

Engaging in competition is also very distracting. The diversion of focus, and resources to playing defense reduces our ability to make offensive plays. This means that innovation takes a back seat and personal progress is slowed to the speed of the herd.  The moment one innovative idea makes it to the marketplace, it is captured by the competition because most are playing defense and shouting “me too.”

The whole thing is very noisy. It is a vortex that sucks people in.

But what if we stray away from the herd’s mentality of scarcity and see things with a view of “Abundance?”  

If we do, then the people are not competition, but opportunities to serve.  The noisy vortex is essentially the shouting of the bullhorn of where to invest in an endeavor for service. Then we can grow ourself or our business by creating mutually beneficial exchanges by helping all these people in need. It’s an unfathomable market cap. Jesus was right when he said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  This isn’t about evangelizing. This is about redeeming the world.

It’s no wonder that the masses with the “herd mentality” struggle to get by, and have embraced the lies and distortion that there is only “so much” to go around therefore you have to do whatever it takes to stay on top. Why does anyone really want to live and work in this giant “MOSH PIT?”

And then it came to me.  The answer is because people actually believe it is easier.

  • It’s easier to blame others for lack of success than to own the fact that we squandered our time and opportunities.
  • It’s easier to feel like a victim of a cruel system, than to intentionally engage in pursuing excellence.
  • It’s easier to compare one’s character to a low functioning people in the herd than to be surrounded by top performers and feel like a flunky.

If this is true, then competition is the reminder that we could be something amazing, but instead settled for something less.

Competition has everything we need to gain character, strength, vision, and global transformation–It doesn’t prevents such things.

We fear competition, because we fear becoming our very best self. We fear the best world possible.

We do have a choice.

Abundance or Scarcity?

Thriving or Barely getting by?

Taking advantage of others or Serving others.

Finding your life or Settling for a default life.

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One thought on “Why people fear competition.

  1. It’s true, success scares people. I thought about that while running, and I knew I could push it so… why wasn’t I? When you’re at the top, a) “the only way to go is down” which I think is false thinking, and b) It’s all you, you can no longer blame anyone.
    Redemption takes so many forms. Good stuff.

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