Bicycles and Souls

Our first ride on a bicycle occurs in childhood. Training wheels have been replaced with run bikes. Now freedom is obtainable to toddlers.

It is the same for the soul.  The structures that used to guide us have proven less helpful than true experience.

Each and every ride brings a convergence of competence and confidence. Over time, knees that shake are replaced with balance and peace.

It is the same for the soul. Each exposure to the transcendent transforms our experience for the better.

Time on two-wheels gives way to an unmatched experience of propulsion. Each ride we meet the best and worst of ourselves. Each ride points us toward a new goal.

It is the same for the soul. Deeper awareness illuminates both light and shadow.

Falling is inevitable.  Blood is a powerful reminder that greater heights come only on the heels of greater risk and much sacrifice.

It is the same for the soul.  

Emerging from the dust. Rising up from derailments. Closing the gaps. Landing transitions. Podiums.

It is the same for the soul.

At the peak of our game a community of inspiration surrounds us. Those who made it all possible. It should humble us. Soften us. Remind us.

It is the same for the soul.

Riding in the second half of life just gets better. The ride is for its own sake. It’s longer. It’s deeper. It’s connected. More free.

It is the same for the soul.

Once again knees that shake can still pedal. Until we exchange our bike for a chair. A bed. The dust one final time. Before our greatest rising.



“You don’t have a spiritual life, you ARE a spiritual life.” -Rob Bell  

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