The Ruin of Science

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The adolescence of our binary consciousness is on full display right now. Many who have otherwise progressed beyond the tribal stage of consciousness are now regressing back into an “us-vs-them” state on par with the Bloods and the Crips. The scientific or modern stage of consciousness is when the facts replace judgement and assumption. Most Americans would describe themselves at this level, but in reality, if the facts do not promote empathy for those who differ, then we are suppressing the truth. True science doesn’t get to pick its favorite side of truth.

The scientific worldview has transcended while including all previous stages. The heart of this level is entrusting ourselves to the (scientific) process which is bigger than any individuals opinion. Science transcends tribal and warrior group-think because the objective takes over the subjective. Such value is placed upon empirical, measurable, and repeatable data, that gradually those who obtain this level often begin to diminish the subjective as though it were untrue. Dr. Spock’s framework of facts over emotion typifies this.

By sticking to the facts, we can set aside our differences for the sake of a common goal. This modern consciousness has proven how we can rise up collectively to overcome numerous challenges. The advancements in medicine, engineering, technology, and infrastructure have enabled vastly diverse people to come together and bring the world out of poverty and into the modern era. All higher stages of consciousness have the power to bring unity out of diversity and science has certainly done that.

Reality often differs from ideals. The scientific mindset is adulterated once we seek to use it to serve the needs of the few. If the results of a scientific study are skewed, then it is no longer science, but low level manipulation masking as science. Inserting a bias into the process is the abandonment of science. We are now in a world that thinks it is scientific, but in fact has regressed into tribalism.  Industry now uses science to promote their products rather than the truth, be it tobacco, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, sugar, or agriculture.

For many in the scientific/modern mind, truth is limited to empirical reality. Only that which is measured, tested and objective is seen as true or real. As the scientific understanding of the cosmos disproved literal interpretations of sacred texts, religion was put on the ropes as fiction and its adherents were viewed as intellectually deficient. We see this today when asking people of faith if they believe in evolution. Of course those whose religious faith is stuck in the tribal, warrior, or traditional stage simply dig in their heels and resist the claims of science. To be fair, not all the claims are actually scientific, but even here, the bloods and the crips emerge again as we regress.

We are now at a time where the discoveries of quantum science and the trajectory of theology are actually converging into the same space. Science is abandoning the notion that all that can be true is empirically measurable. Science is dependent upon mathematics, logic, and truth and yet none of these things can be measured nor empirically observed. Consciousness is clearly something other than our brains in action. Thus the ruin of science is its inclusion into a stage that embraces not only scientific truth but truth that is not measured solely by those means.

For example, fictional stories contain truth. We don’t need to prove the existence of the Grinch, or go on a journey to find Mount Krumpet. Such details do not need to be historically true in order for the story of the Grinch to be true on an entirely other level. The changing of a heart is truth that is accessed on a different plane. This gives us a lens to revisit scripture and its contribution to humanity.

As theology and science continue their search for truth and ultimate meaning, we have discovered that the closer each comes to Truth, the closer each comes together. Any authentic pursuit of truth will bring people together, and will raise the collective consciousness. So whether a person places their faith in truth via science or via theology, they are both on the same quest of faith in the truth for the sake of all others. A raising consciousness means that what we believe is totally true today will only be partially true tomorrow.

Now that existential reality can be grasped as reality, those in this framework grow up in a very different world, what most refer to as post-modernism.

To truly hold a higher stage of consciousness, we must integrate previous stages into our framework. If we jettison any of them completely, we have not matured. Millennials are getting a lot of criticism these days, much like generation X and the boomers did before them. Next week we will examine how the post modern consciousness begins to unravel when its wide inclusion of the truth is held without the contributions of the previous stages.