Dimensions and the proof of God.

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Unless someone points it out to us, we forget that we are traveling on a spinning ball at 70,0000 miles an hour. We simply don’t possess a perspective that allows us to perceive this wider reality. Even if we did, this information doesn’t really help us in our micro-environments. Nonetheless, the larger dimension exists.

Despite bigger dimensions, many people only live within two or three of the most relevant ones. We fail to realize that our suffering and the suffering of the world comes from ignorance of greater dimensions. Gazing at the stars on a summer night is one of many moments where we intuit something more. On a very deep level, we know that the story lines offered by our culture are not big enough to answer the questions that resonate deep within our soul. This makes us feel small and insignificant.

How are we to know if another dimension exists? Where is our proof?

A dot on a page has one dimension-Length.

A line expands on this dimension without losing the dot.

If we draw a box or a circle I have a two-dimensional object by gaining height that expands on the line without losing the dot or the line.

If we construct a cube or a sphere we enter three dimensions by gaining depth that expands the box and circle without losing any of the previous dimensions.

Each higher dimension possess and expands all the previous dimensions.

If the cube or sphere move then we enter the dimension of time because movement is immeasurable or unperceivable without time.

We are unconscious of different dimensions until the moment consciousness arises.  We lose track of time or ignore it’s profound significance until forced to deal with it. Time is the unflinching but relative fourth dimension.

Our modern, scientific worldview has given us an empirical definition of ultimate reality. This means most people operate within a reality that mostly stops at four dimensions. Empiricism assumes that other dimensions are not provable.

Even the fourth dimension can’t answer our childhood questions on a starry night. We yearn for more. We intuit something beyond all the things, but we feel weird about exploring what might be there. 

The next dimension in ultimate reality is non-physical in its nature. Like the sphere or cube breaking out of two-dimensions, the next dimension profoundly reframes everything we thought we knew. Since it breaks free from physicality, many mistakenly conclude (because of empiricism) that it doesn’t exist.

You might be surprised to discover that non-physical or “spiritual” reality is more common than you thought. I will now prove it’s existence.

Using mathematics will comfort our scientific minds much more than if I use religion. Mathematics is infinite and immeasurable, there is no highest number. It’s entirety is beyond our grasp, but every level of humanity understands some of it. Mathematics is used to create our empirical (physically measureable) framework, but itself is not empirically measurable. We do not know the weight or circumference of a number. It’s laws are universally binding on all people and yet the more we understand it, the more advanced we become as humans. No one escapes mathematics, yet no one can hold it in their hand.

Who will deny the existence of mathematics on the basis that it is not empirically measurable? It’s accessible, used, touched, and enjoyed by all, yet no one can possess it for themselves. It is not created by man, but is discovered or revealed. This is a dimension of another kind. A dimension that expands our physical dimensions without diminishing them. This is the spiritual (non-physical) dimension.

A new definition opens the portal to a new dimension. This is my life work.

Who then will deny the existence of God? If mathematics exists then a spiritual dimension must also exist. In fact the scientific worldview is not possible without the spiritual dimension. As Greg Bahnsen would say, “God is the precondition for all intelligibility.”  In other words without the non-physical (spiritual) dimension, there can be no such thing as mathematics, logic, story, idea, dream, measurement, etc…

The dot exists because of the line and the square and the cube even if we don’t perceive it. God is presupposed. 

God must exist in order for us to reject the idea of God. Our lack of perception of God does not indicate non-existence.

I’m miles away from describing the god of any particular religion. I’m only proving the framework that is required for a rational faith in god to exist. If a rational faith in a god can exist (because of the presence of the non-physical dimension), then it behoves us to learn what we can of this dimension.

This is the moment of conception for our life of faith.


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