The Scroll is a Certificate of Divorce.

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Last week I revealed the identity of the antichrist or beast in Revelation. It was the most read and forwarded post of the entire year. The feedback from this series has been eye opening. I’ve learned that most of us have only been given the pre-tribulation, pre-millennial, dispensational view of scripture depicting the End Times. This causes many to shelf their disbelief and basically take a wait and see approach. By illuminating the historical (post-millennial, preterist) view, many are waking up to realize that the bible and science are not out of sync and for many this has been exhilarating.

But not all. Some are struggling and simply can’t or won’t let go of the possibility of future global cataclysmic events. In my discussions, this is usually due to a deep seated need or belief in retributive justice.  Of course the bible doesn’t prescribe this, it only reflects it. Click HERE for tons of proof.

This series isn’t finished. I’ll take you to an entirely new level but the path is shocking. I too deconstructed these same entrenched beliefs in order to be liberated into a much wider place. Wider aspects of truth always seem false or unbelievable at first hearing because our pride thinks we are already possess the truth. It isn’t until we humble ourselves to learn (become disciple) that we actually attain the wider picture. This content is not an argument, it is an offering to those who have ears to hear.

The Scroll in Revelation 5 is important because it’s not just a piece of paper with seven seals on it. The Greek term biblion means legal record, book, or certificate of divorce. Thus the judgement setting of the plagues of Revelation are not global, but specifically on religion, typified by Judaism but not limited to it. Revelation is a courtroom drama of Jesus the Christ divorcing religion and remarrying a new bride capable of intimacy.

While the seals and judgements in the book depict historical events surrounding the fall of Jerusalem, the meta-narrative is not world wide destruction, but ultimately world wide restoration made possible by divorcing religion and moving the place for divine union to the inside.

Most preterists or post-millennials view this divorce as the end of Judaism and then go on to create an alternative religion out of Christianity which is ultimately no better than the Judaism Jesus condemned (Matthew 23). My conclusion after years of study is that Judaism in scripture is archetypal for all world religions.

This means no religion, no system of faith, nor institution can do anything more than talk about God. Paul calls these principalities, powers, authorities and cosmic powers over the present darkness and forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12). Talking, theologizing, and debating about God may give us a religion or help us know about God, but it’s not the same as knowing (love making) God. The goal of God is divine union, oneness, with all creation and this happens through relationship, not religion.

This relationship is unique to each soul, regardless of its formative container. This relationship cannot be formalized, systematized, and mass produced for profit. Divine union is forged through the suffering of human experience where faith is birthed between our unique path of lostness and found-ness (Romans 14:7-8, 22).

The Scroll proves that true Christianity is NOT an alternative religion. The only one who could open the Scroll was Christ (Revelation 5:5). What most know as Christianity is what I call CHURCHIANITY, and its no wonder so many have rejected it. I’ve never met anyone who has rejected true Christianity. Each week my challenge is deconstructing Churchianity so that true Christianity can shine through.

The Scroll resets priorities. It’s a certificate of divorce that reminds us that religion got us off track and we are prone to do it again.  As we’ll see in the coming weeks, we don’t go to Heaven, Heaven comes to us. There is no temple in the bright city that is coming. Thus, our construction of icons of egoic power, our elite postures of certainty, and our prejudices against all others who do the same, only foster separation, disunion and hatred. Clearly if we don’t like diversity, we will hate the Kingdom of Heaven.

Modern Churchianity has made Revelation into a book designed to scare people into it’s system of belief. But the Scroll warns us of something much larger, namely that those who miss Divine Union (knowing) do so because they placed faith in an institution or delivery system. They gained religion and missed God-the very definition of Atheism.

Since our institutions of power and certainty give us an identity, revelation depicts a painful, even bloody or fiery process of purging ourselves from their grasp. But it will happen! Everything that is false (Pseudo) about us is tied up in our religious systems.

The scroll represents the divorce process that allows the truest part of ourselves to liberate and emerge to join in God.