3- Decentralization has no King.

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Last week I showed how blockchain technology promises to be so disruptive because it stems from a deeper, inner spiritual reality that has been disruptive to all institutions of power. Subversion takes many forms but is an unstoppable cosmic power. “Even now the axe is laid to the root…” Matthew 3:10

How do you feel about pharmaceutical companies creating healthcare policies which promote greater sales of their drugs? What about chemical companies dumping pesticides and GMO’s into the nations food and water supply? What about banks and the finance industry profiting on peoples savings and pilfering as much as two thirds of our retirement savings? Do you trust the government to look out for your best interest when it comes to your health, retirement, and finances?

If these issues make your blood boil, then you (whether you know it yet or not) are a part of decentralization. The revolution of decentralization has begun and it will not stop. It’s our William Wallace cry for freedom. I showed last week how this is actually a cosmic force within all humanity.

Having eyes to see, then we realize that we don’t hate politicians, or CEO’s or Investment bankers, we hate the institutional control they have over us.  Institutional powers are the real kings of oppression.  “Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood, but rulers and authorities…”(Ephesians 6:12).

The introduction of blockchain technology means that power, control, and domination need no longer be centralized to institutions, corporations or governments. It’s a potential platform for an integrated global humanity.

We know the usual hierarchy. The masses feed the higher levels of institutional power and those at the top have disproportionately more economic, racial, and political power than everyone else. This creates competition and corruption as people jockey for top spots so they can have their unfair share. Meanwhile, the poor, the unbankable, or those who can’t compete in the market are left with crumbs, deeper enslavement, and the byproducts of corruption.


Jewish history shows us that corrupt kings were never the plan, but instead were demanded by the herd. “...”appoint for us a king to judge us like all the nations.” (1 Samuel 8:5).  People don’t really want to be free and personally empowered. The rejection of their prophet Samuel (read- voice of God) is the rejection of personal responsibility and love.

The way this looks in our world is a false binary political system. Those who want less of a king are those who can compete in the marketplace and gather more resources than what the government can provide. Those that can’t or won’t compete in the free market, can gather more resources via a king than they can on their own. It’s a false binary, because both sides are actually the same oppressive king that keeps demanding more. The poor and the rich both believe that the opposite side is taking from them, but its actually the king. 

Not to sound cynical, but America is not really a democracy although that is its propaganda. America is really a corporatocracy. Little kings pay the big kings to force compliance of the slaves. The propaganda machine convinces us that our kings know whats best for our health, our finances, and our families, and that we’d be lost without them. We abdicate our personal power and wealth to the kings that lull us to sleep with entertainment, fear and infighting. They deflect any blame by pitting us against each other with their two party system, and news that keeps us distracted, angry and fearful.

This was never to be the plan for God’s free people. We were to be a people governed by the law of love. One law, when deeply followed, solves every problem by subversion.

This is why the blockchain spells trouble for the establishment. Thus we would expect to hear Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Finance, and Big Brother all warn against crypto currencies and the new applications of blockchain technology. This also spells trouble for those who are dependent on the king to fight for them. (1 Samuel 8:19-20)

Can you see the deeper issue? It’s always a spiritual reality that manifests into a global problem. The king gets to define the problem as something like unemployment, housing, personal or civil rights, energy, transportation, communication, homeland security, immigration, taxes, and so on. Each definition is designed to divide the nation and reinforce our need for a king to sort it our for us. Each day it takes more freedom, more resources, more of our humanity, while it promises a better tomorrow.

In reality, every problem is actually a truth problem. It’s something we don’t know or won’t do. There is no poverty problem, only people who don’t know something or won’t do something. There are no political problems, ecological problems, corruption problems, or financial problems. Only truth problems. How we understand and apply the truth that we are able to grasp has everything to do with the amount of pain and suffering that exists in the world. Truth is spiritual in its nature and redemptive in its application. If we turn to a king, we trade wider truth for narrow truth.


There is a new generation that is leading the path to global decentralization and ushering in a new world.  Those whose consciousness has risen beyond bigotry, competition, and otherness, are uniting via the blockchain and establishing global ecosystems that have the power to displace all centralized power centers for the good of all humanity. It is the global church, though few would ever describe themselves that way. In their wake is redemption, renewal, and hope. Imagine a world where companies like Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, or Pfizer are subverted like Blockbuster,  record stores, or printed newspapers–It’s coming!

Decentralization is total disruption. Decentralization is complete subversion, not an overtaking or overpowering. It has the potential to arrive on principles of equity, grace and love, but that may be too good to be true. The greatest challenge still remains. As in the days of Samuel, the herd may not want freedom and empowerment.  Thus I fear we may not do a good job stewarding this amazing technology.

At least we can be sure that the New world is here the moment we wake up and regain the lives we have sold to our kings.