Politics and Perspective

Politics only exists because there is a differing perspective.

Politics only exists because there is a different perspective. Yes, you needed to hear that twice. If all people are in alignment there can be no disagreement.

Of course, everyone is different. We look different. We are different ages. We’ve all had vastly different experiences. Even our siblings with similar upbringing can be complete opposites.

Some of us are strong, others weak. Some wealthy, some poor. Some possess intelligence, others are simple. Some of us are healthy, some are sick. We are old and young and in-between. Some people actually like Taylor Swift’s music.

We all start life viewing only from our perspective. Some will sadly end life that way too. Along the way, it is the differing perspective that opens us up and shines a light into our blind spots.

Differences create friction which is supposed to exfoliate our thick outer layer. Diversity is designed to cure our myopia.

Voting used to be the way we communicated to our political leaders our hopes for our country. Instead, voting has become a team jersey and a weapon to be used upon those sporting the enemies colors. In our “booth” we are empowered to pick who we will hate. We leave feeling patriotic, even heroic after we gulp down the elixir of a forced binary choice.

Today, the most political vote is with our wallet. The informed voter is not the one who sides with a team, but the one who is willing to vote their conscience at each swipe of their card. Real political money comes from our love of comfort and few of us will vote against that. The news machine (fake or otherwise) is the photographer distracting a toddler with a squeaky toy. We anesthetize ourselves with our 50″ light show.

Politics sells the illusion that we are all divided. So long as we pick a team, we all keep losing. Back and forth the baton of power is passed, while both sides are fleeced with either ethical and tax violence.

If I sound cynical, its only because I’ve seen another way and I’m impatient for its arrival. There is a way where both diversity and unity exist in harmony. It’s the only model where both sides resolve into a perspective greater than each perspective. A shared vision that we can all embrace.

Compromise does not get us there. A higher consciousness does. Once awake, our vote becomes the very next choice we make. Our vote is the next conversation we have. Our vote is our next purchase. Our vote is how we treat our bodies, our communities, and our cosmos. Our vote is whether we will plunder others for resources or divest ourselves for the sake of others. Compete with each other or complete each other.

Our vote is whether we will love one another as we have loved ourselves. It requires no registration, no patriotism, no partisan politics, only a wide angle lens. All of us share equal power.

May we awaken to our real lives and vote not only today, but everyday.


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