Reflecting on 2018

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Sometimes its hard for me to get my head around just how fast things are going. This blog was started over six years ago to capture what happens when a person follows the deep existential cry to “come forth” out of the catacombs and rigid frameworks of institutionalized faith. It’s the pursuit of contents rather than containers. I thought I was simply reconfiguring the delivery systems through which I would point to the Divine, but it has become so much more than that.

I knew, but didn’t fully comprehend, just how many people in our world share the same existential cry. Week after week people sit within their religious frameworks of church, synagog, mosque, or lab asking; “Is this is all there is?” Masses of people commute along side countless others who are just awake enough to realize that nearly all their effort and toil is spent in order to have the life they had yesterday. All the while wondering if a “New Day” will ever come where they can finally explore the droplets of depth that infrequently bubble to the surface of their lives.

This pattern of survival anesthetizes us to anything but those few priorities that are necessary to making today just like yesterday, and tomorrow just like today. We snore along day after day and call it a week. Weeks turn into months, which turn into years and we call it “Our Life.” Along the way, at every turn is this annoying little voice that benevolently invites us to “Come Forth.” It’s scary. We know that obeying it will profoundly disrupt our life.

For some the cost of following is just too high.

I’m here today, closing out 2018, with first hand experience that this voice takes us beyond disruptive. It demolishes all our stage props that we have erected in the drama of our pseudo-life. This deconstruction process doesn’t leave us in a pile of rubble, it awakens us to the rubble we were so tenaciously protecting. Then with a new set of eyes, we follow the Light of Life offstage into the world of authenticity.

Each week I do my best to nudge you ever deeper into this transforming experience. For some the result has been radical life transformation and for that I am ever so grateful. Others are just not in a place where this content has any meaning for them and for those I plead with God for words that will illuminate the fake ID under which we all have lived.

Over the last two years I have not focused on the promotion of this content, but on ensuring that this content is a pure reflection of my inner experience and the wisdom of God. In that sense, I believe I have truly found my voice and central message. While this message is not very popular, it is authentic. It permeates every cell of my being and I can confidently say that I am well acquainted with what I speak. I am not an emulator as I was in the past, I’m but one small part of a wider, universal message that emanates from every particle of our universe.

Looking back over the years of this ministry and the foundation that is now laid, I’m excited about the possibilities that lay before me. With hundreds of thousands of words, and hundreds of hours of audio content, I now have a repository of resource that can be used to serve those who are trying to find their way in the arid expanse of their own wilderness wanderings.

2019 will be a year where I begin to really put myself into the modern conversation. To be honest, this really scares me. I’m not phototropic and exposure brings about countless insecurities and anxiety in me. Nonetheless, I have seen the redemptive results of my work and it feels like this voice is inviting me out onto the stormy sea. We all face the “What if I sink?” malware script that runs in the backs of our minds.

For the first time I can honestly say that I don’t even care if I do. I have surrendered all outcomes. I’m at a place where one moment outside the boat will contain so much more than a lifetime within it. And that is just the irony behind the life of faith. Whether you are starting, or whether you are a long way down the road, we will always be required to trust this voice for our identity more than the frameworks that bring us security. The message is the same for you as it is for me. The Good News ultimately subverts all institutional powers to name us, index us, and drain us in their service. Freedom then is inversely proportional to the power we allow institutional frameworks to reign in our lives.

If we would be a free people, we must awake and regain the power that we have abdicated. Freedom like this is the most prosperous any soul can be.

May your 2019 be prosperous in this way.