Do you want to be Healed?

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Are you self aware enough to recognize those aspects of your life where you remain unhealed? This short series will invite all comers into the power of healing. What better way to start a New Year? Do you need bodily healing? Do you need financial healing? Do you need emotional healing? Do you need relational healing? These are not different types of healing, they are aspects of a single form of healing that if missed, manifests itself in these areas of brokenness, dis-ease.

Suffering is essentially dis-integration. Healing then is the bringing together of separated things. Whether we are suffering from a disease, debt, depression or divorce, our lives are diminished because we have compartmentalized them. Our modern culture dissects the whole of life and isolates only those areas where we think there is a problem. Science likes to dissect. By default, we then seek the most efficient means to solve our now isolated problem. Healing is NOT problem solving. Healing is integration within the whole of life and being. Without realizing it, we actually reject healing and freedom because the corpus of its flow is counterintuitive.

For example. The problem of a frequent headache might be addressed with ibuprofen, but the healing may require the integration of posture, spine alignment, self-awareness, diet, stretching, hydration, sleep and exercise. A tumor is the dis-integration of normal functioning brain, this can cause a headache. A headache is not an ibuprofen deficiency, but the dis-integration within the whole of life. It’s the loss of Shalom (well-being in the whole of life). The headache is a benevolent gift to elevate self-awareness and care. Life and headaches are not binary, isolated events, thus healing is also NOT an EVENT.

We all have questions around healing. Does healing really exist beyond what modern medicine can offer? Can our world or ecology move into healing? Should we concede that some relationships are too far gone? Is there really no way out of debt? Is hope just a refusal to accept the truth, or anything really possible? Should we deal with our life’s problems one at a time or is there a central thread that ties them all together? Is healing passive or active?

In the simplest of terms, our need for healing is not a physical problem, nor an emotional problem, nor financial problem; its a truth problem. Our bodies, emotions, finances, and ultimately our freedom are all paralyzed because we either lack the truth needed to heal us or we have rejected the truth needed to heal us. Cancer remains unhealed because we possess only part of the truth about cancer. We remain addicted and ill because we lack or reject the truth about our impulses.

My goal in this series is to reveal how we have mis-understood healing by viewing it exclusively as an event, rather than a lifestyle. This narrow view of healing means that we skim over the depth of life until our dis-integration catches up with us with. Then, rather than seeking healing, we seek relief, so we can go on skimming. Skimming is living oblivious to our need for healing.

I also would like to dispel the dangerous binary way in which we view healing, namely that it’s either “out of our control” or “totally within our control.True healing is a dynamic flow or way of relating to the truth which integrates (not balances) our optimism and pessimism. Healing is the living relationship whereby we conform incrementally to the truth in areas where we have control, and receive those areas where we cannot control. Healing is the energetic dance that moves us farther than we thought was possible while accepting our limitations.

Religion, Spirituality and Science all claim jurisdiction in healing. Again, these are not different paths to healing. Each perspective can only take us so far when dis-integrated from one another. This series will address the biblical, scientific, and quantum perspectives as respective windows into our participation into the dance of healing. This will prevent us from “jumping ship” and transferring faith from one limited view to another. Healing is bigger than each of them. It’s my goal that we enter the stream and go where healing flow takes us. We may want bodily healing, the flow may first lead us to heal something else.

In John chapter five, Jesus asks a man who has been an invalid for thirty-eight years if “He wants to be healed.” On the experiential plane, this question seems crude and even a bit insensitive. But it opens up a trajectory and revelation about healing that exposes the heart of the problem: namely, healing doesn’t just happen. Healing is a form of liberation for which we must be thirsty as well as prepared.

The smallest scrape doesn’t automatically heal. We do not automatically gain emotional resilience when hurt. Relationships don’t just get better over time. Cells don’t automatically regenerate. There is power or energy beyond it all, there is a direction and a flow that can be slowed or disrupted, but there is even more to it than that. There is a design beyond this energy and flow. Beyond the design is the Designer. And within the perfect mind of this Designer is you and me and all of life. This place, this awareness, this flow, is the event horizon for total healing. This event horizon is what we are actually seeking when we seek healing. Reaching anything short of this flow is a partial healing or no healing at all.

I hope you will join me in the sacred space of this series as I endeavor to point the way to your event horizon for healing, but before we go I must ask you: “Do you want to be healed?”

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