Mistaken Identity

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Do you think the problems in the world can actually be solved politically? Think again. Let me prove to you that politics exists to serve as a pernicious distraction from our potential, by playing to our immature understanding of who we really are. Everything is about “identity politics” and this is our biggest clue as to why we are no closer to healing and transforming our society than before. Our world is way OVER IDENTIFIED with all the wrong things.

“I’m a Democrat. I’m a republican. I’m transgendered. I’m non-binary. I’m a white woman. I’m a black man. I’m an immigrant. I’m a feminist. I’m a Governor. I’m schoolteacher. I’m a CEO. I’m a golfer. I’m a redneck. I’m Christian. I’m an Atheist. I’m a scientist. I’m a board member. I’m a coach. I’m American, I’m a New Yorker, I’m a retiree, I’m disabled, I’m a…, I’m a…, I’m a…”

How long do I need to go on before you catch on? We have not idea who we are. The way that we index ourselves is not who we TRULY are, it’s who we think we are. It’s merely a pseudonym, our FAKE ID. Since most of us do not have conscious awareness of who we truly are, we adopt, embrace and defend a mistaken identity.

We cannot solve an ontological problem by political or militaristic means. I can prove it with one simple test. What angers you? What offends you? That part of us that gets offended is NOT who we really are. It’s our false self. The offense exists because we don’t know who we are and we are over-identified with some pseudonym.

With all this “so-called” diversity, we have competing agenda’s and ways to promote our pseudonyms. Racism and identity politics only exist for the false self. Our true self has no problem with diversity. But if we look at our modern politics, we see it is the means by which we give power to our pseudonyms. Let me prove this with a story:

When I was a youth pastor, I would take teens on weekend trips skiing or camping or boating. In EVERY group there were “makers” and “takers”. Often the kids that were first to get in line for food, were the last to help clean up the camp. Some youth couldn’t even roll up their own sleeping bag and gather there own things, while others would organize not only themselves, but others as well. As each generation grew, I’ve watched how those who were “Makers” have done well for themselves, while the “takers” struggle through life.

What happens in the microcosm of the campsite, is on display in the macrocosm of the world. No government in the history of the world has ever had any money or resources. The only money any government ever has is that which is takes from those who make it. Governments exist to provide services which benefit all citizens, but just like in the seventh grade camping trip, the makers resent the takers and vice-versa. The youth pastor or government, needs to step in so that it can arbitrate resentment. Why shouldn’t those who clean up the campsite get the stash of chocolate from the s’mores the night before? Didn’t everyone pay the same amount towards the food? The spoils always go to the strongest, smartest or productive (survival of fittest) unless a government intervenes, then the spoils go first to the government.

If a government wants to gain even more power, it must master how to distract and extract from both the makers and the takers. This is where we find our world today. If the government can tell the taker, that the reason they don’t have a “fair share” is because the maker “stole it” or that the system was rigged, then the taker will abdicate their power to the government and adopt it’s identity. Because the government is ultimately dependent upon the makers for resources, it will gain power if it convinces the maker that the “takers” are taking advantage of their hard work. Then the makers, make deals with governments to ensure their spoils are protected.

The corruption we see is not capitalism. It’s not economic, and it’s not political, though all these are full of corruption. The solution cannot be socialism or any new system for it will be corrupt too. The corruption is the Fake ID, the mistaken identity. This is why “identity politics” is so successful in our world. So few people know who they really are, that they are completely compelled and sucked into and existential threat to their Fake ID. Our problem is ontological, not political.

The self-aware person (those who are conscious) can see through the charade very easily. When we speak to those who are over-identified with their favorite index and invite them to look deeper, they cannot help themselves. The bible calls these people “poor,” not because they lack money (although economic ruin is often the case), but because they are “blind” and cannot see the truth of who they are. The wealthy who over-identify with their wealth, power, or position are also “poor.”

“For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.” (Revelation 3:17)

Politics will never resolve the heart that has been trained to resent another. In America, we are indoctrinated from childhood, to resent and blame others for our inability to rise up and restore our life. How long will we go on hating our brothers and sisters when only institutional power gains from it? How long will we find someone to blame (other than ourselves) for our lack of success? The government pretends it’s a two-party system, but beneath it all is an indelible, pernicious, oppressive, manipulation of millions. The Bible has been pointing us to true North:

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

If we don’t like America right now. If we don’t see the abundance of opportunities that dawn with each and every moment. If we truly believe that “THOSE PEOPLE” are preventing us from reaching your potential… then I’m sorry, but we are over-identified with our pseudonym and we have swallowed the lie and propaganda hook, line and sinker. Life and opportunity do not come from the outside in, but the inside out. If we resent our brother or sister then how exactly do we expect to have eyes to see into a new world? If we seek political relief for our life, rather than the freedom to go serve and compete, then we perpetuate our self interests and are no better than those we hate who do the same.

Wake UP! Do NOT be fooled!

This election changes NOTHING. Just has every previous election has changed NOTHING. You still need to vote your conscience. I’m not advocation apathy. I’m simply trying to help you see that the puppets may change hands, but its still a big distracting show. Don’t get sucked into it and miss your true life.

If you want a change, then change yourself. Change that one thing that most oppresses you. Stop blaming someone else and do all you can to change it TODAY. Then, take responsibility again tomorrow. And the next day. And before you opportunity will abound. Resist the compulsion to be sucked into a team. Gain the wider perspective. Forgive and it will be forgiven you. Drop your stones. Put down your arms. Love your brother.

Change only happens when we learn we truly are. We aren’t the pseudonym that we have adopted, defended and perpetuated all of our lives. We are a case of mistaken identity. A case of over-identifying. We are so much more. Scripture says we are the image bearers of God. It tells us we are God’s children, WE ARE BELOVED, flaws and all. Once we see this in ourselves, we begin to see it in others. I’m not you, but I’m also not other than you either. God is intimately close in proximity to each of us, closer to us than we are to us. If that is the case, then while we are not God, we cannot be completely other than God either. We each bear so much more. Yet we are manipulated to live so far below that awareness.

If we can’t see this today and begin to love one another, then hell on earth is the most fitting description for our existence, and the saddest part is that those who believes the propaganda machine of the world are unable to perceive it.