The Way of Flow: Part 1

Today we begin a series that I hope will serve our world which finds itself within a whirlwind of confusion, frustration and exhaustion from the constant barrage of global, national, and local bad news. If there is a “FLOW” to the world, then for many, it seems to be toward ruin and hopelessness. If that is your perspective, my hope is to help elevate your gaze toward something which has the power to refuel your life with hope, restore what is lost in our cities and reclaim what is left of our world.

This series is a program that I modeled after portions of my un-coaching service. It was originally designed as a fee-based product but I decided I wanted to offer it to all comers free of charge. I can’t stand bait and switch programs and marketing funnels, so I promise this is NOT one. There is no requirement for email, payment or anything but your sincerity and your time. Feel free to check it out, criticize, or whatever you want to do, but just know this is an opportunity for you to step into your best self and life so just know you’ll get out what you put in. What I can tell you is that I have researched this topic and I have not found any content like this anywhere, so you are in for something different despite what you assume about it based on the format.

Therefore, this series will diverge from my usual weekly format, but in the end, I hope you find this thought provoking.

I’m going to begin by having you watch this brief introduction to the program.


I’d like you to watch the introduction carefully and see if you can perceive the trajectory here. You may need to watch it a couple times. Flow is not what we think it is, and I’ve discovered through thousands of hours and decades of coaching and counseling people, that we each have a functional bias, which when understood, gives us the footing we need to see beyond what is happening right in front of us.

Learning to “Flow” is a nebulous term. If you know my work, then you know I don’t skim the surface. So being “In a State of Flow” is not just mental focus. It’s not getting the world to do what you want. It’s way more than that. As I state in the video, Flow is integral to everything. Flow is not binary where we are either in it or out of it, we are all in flow but most of us are oblivious to it.

The next step is for you to find out what your “FLOW BIAS” is. I coined this term because a bias isn’t a fixed personality trait like being an introvert. A BIAS is simply our present preferred way to function. That function creates a lens through which we interpret everything that is happening to and through us in the world.


Once you get your results, you can learn more about how I use the metaphor of aquatic life to access our functional FLOW BIAS. I have included more detailed descriptions of each flow type here. Select yours and read the description. You need only read the description that pertains to you, although you are free to read the others. You will likely find aspects of yourself within all of them. Again, these not fixed in stone. These are states which are constantly in flux, so don’t over-identify with any of them or set some goal about moving from one to the other. Just be with what is right now.

The Barnacle

The Jellyfish

The Fish

The Dolphin

Ok, so now you are introduced to the concept and you have a general sense of how you are presently understanding and relating to the flow of your life. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Like countless other tools for self-discovery, this course will open up those areas of our lives that need our attention and hopefully inspire us to look closer at all which is surrounding us and gain the ability to see beyond everything.

This program is my service to you and those you love to help you launch the New Year and support you in your personal journey of personal transformation, or this years goals for attainment, success and satisfaction. If at any time, you wish to contact me and discuss any aspect of this, please feel free to so.