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Most people live in a DI-VERSE, not a UNI-VERSE. Our world is divided into warring tribes. Everything is its own “thing“, with lobbyists, detractors, and virtue signaling. We survive through alliances and binaries which ignore the voice of wisdom.

E Pluribus Unum is stamped on our most divisive idol…an ideal…dis-integrated from our pseudonyms.

In our DI-VERSE world, God has become a polemic…even hate speech to the most disintegrated.

“God” angers or confuses people because soulless religions have commoditized God into consumable or threatening transactions. “Our God can beat up your god…We have the TRUE religion... Believe, or else…”

Mention God…and the masses “unsubscribe.”

Seeking to resolve this tension, people have replaced “God” with “Universe” as if synonymous. Despite what many spiritual teachers say, they are NOT interchangeable.

Get ready to face our triggers

The universe is created, inhabited, and sustained by God but isn’t itself God…just as Mona Lisa possess aspects of Da Vinci, but isn’t Da Vinci.

“Universe” is a spiritual virtue signal to others about belief in a cosmic force or endless, life-giving energy, but science mistakenly taught us that this quantum power is impersonal, hostile, and indifferent. See the confusion? What value is a faith system this logically inconsistent? Why bother with a belief which obscures unbelief? What depth can possibly exist in an unintelligent force which cannot challenge our sexual expression, nor ask us to love our enemy? If the universe is a silent, random, empirical amalgamation of energy, elements, and time, how can it possibly offer a spiritual benefit?

Universe is not spirituality, it’s idolatry.

When the universe is disassociated from God, spirituality untethers itself from reason. It becomes a modern fig leaf. When spiritual seekers perceive oneness, or experience bliss, to what do they attribute consciousness?

The clever minded are illogical when demanding proof of God. By the same standard, mathematics, reason or logic cannot exist either. Empiricism thought it escaped soulless religion, but became one instead.

The universe is an object which inspires impersonal awe, but exists to point us to the Subject which inspires personal worship, thus pride is our true trigger.

The True UNI-Verse appears when Subject and object converge in our conscious awareness. Where have we seen this? What examples exist of this hybridization between the material and spiritual planes of reality?

If God triggers us, then no doubt Jesus, the icon where spirituality and physicality converge, does too. Certainly the rug burn from religion makes us all dismissive? The watershed discovery is that Christ following has always been the end of religion, never conversion to a new one. It’s the original spiritual, but not religious. Everything we experience about the universe, we owe to Him.

Triggered? Don’t hide this time. Explore your offense and rediscover the Power which endlessly creates everything in love. By healing the wounds of religion we’ll sing…

One song…One voice…UNIVERSE.

“There is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”