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Flow is a buzzword for heightened states of mental focus or optimal performance. Flow is a commodity accessed by a guru’s course, or “rewiring” neuro pathways, or by unlocking our psychology. It’s then sold to our ego as something our superficial self needs for success…it’ll make us the best. Any mental state that can be manipulated either on or off is not flow…its religion.

Can you see this connection?

Flow gurus use science as the architecture to access heightened states of awareness. By using quantum or neuro science, they lead people toward a “spiritual experience” without that pesky God who judges wrongdoing. These have the appearance of godliness, but deny its power. If personality, behaviors, and performance are the result of neurotransmitters, then why not drug everyone into their optimal state? Pseudo-flow is a transaction, not transformation. The world, by rejecting religion, has made yet another.

Same cake…different frosting.

The “religion of flow” latches onto our childhood fantasies about having super powers. It preys on our insecurities. It leverages the most successful by attributing their success to flow. Want to be a winner? Famous? Powerful? Need that edge? Consider the kingdoms of the world… do you want it all? Be like that king…buy my book, my course, my faith.

So, where are all the subscribers? A best selling book should produce millions at the top? After all the lectures and seminars, why isn’t our world better off? Couldn’t they stay in flow?…Where is their faith?

If flow is a superior way to live, why don’t people live it? Enlarging one’s pride is not transformation. Religious pseudo flow is the surrogate for those without thirst for God. True flow is graced awareness, not a super self.

True flow isn’t an experience because it’s the end of the experiencer. True flow is not a mental, heightened or induced state. It’s not doing, nor being…it’s seeing. Flow is what remains at the end of our attachments, identifications, formulas, rituals, words, and feeble wisdom. True flow is the end of our superficial self and anyone sitting upon their life’s throne cannot reach this end. Purchased flow is a fictional world with a fake ID.

Pseudo-flow frames the cosmos as objects distinct from all other objects…all colliding on a superficial level. To never see Ultimate Reality is to remain under anesthesia and live adrift. True flow sees the cosmos as one thing. “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is One.”

True flow isn’t objective. It’s beyond empiricism. It’s spiritual aliveness. It’s Subject to Subject dynamism where all self conceptions are emptied out (in love) to the bottomless Source which creates us each moment. Kenosis is flow. Emptying never renders us empty. Instead we’re full, integrated...authentic. We’re each comprised of this Source which empties into us. We just don’t see it.

Flow doesn’t create the enviable life, it’s what is left once that life dies.
“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.