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The material world is the least REAL aspect of REALITY…because it’s the least enduring. Paul said: “For things that are seen are transient, but things that are unseen are eternal”

This claim opposes the view of empirical science which asserts that reality consists exclusively of the material world. I’m not a science detractor. I embrace empirical science when its observations are accurate representations of the physical world. Empiricism, however, is illogical. It rejects the idea of God due to lack of physical evidence, then contradicts itself by presupposing things like consciousness, mathematics, and logic are real when no physical evidence exists for these either.

Empirical science is a micro-cosmologya subset of reality. It’s too small and cannot explain REALITY to those who perceive beyond materialism. This confusion causes a diminishment of humanity. Science is real and trustworthy when the scientific method is accurately applied without bias, and not manipulated for commercial or political gain.

Reality transcends empiricism. Reality goes beyond our telescopes and our tiniest quantum calculations. Reality consists of all the “space” between and beyond spacetime. Reality is our Alpha, our Source, our origin. It’s our Omega and ultimate destination. The galaxies we see today have long since changed. When science says aspects of the past, present and future all coexist within this moment, it’s not borrowing these claims from astronomy, but from Spirituality.

World religions have always embraced big Reality. Unfortunately, religions become institutionalized, then tribal certainty insists its view of reality is the only valid perspective. As otherness devolved into war, religion also becomes a micro-cosmology.

Since Science, Religions, and Governments have failed to define what is Real, our world is itching for a reality which satisfies both the measurable and the perceived. Our skepticism overshadows those claims stemming from institutional power. Left unscratched, this deep existential itch lays dormant, undiscovered, and unexperienced. We have few trustworthy guides who can open Reality to us.

May I suggest a Reality comprising both the objective and subjective? Design always points to Designer. Science accepts an objective cosmic energy. Religion beholds that energy as a Subject. So where in human history have these come together in a cosmic persona? Does a personal figure exist who relates to mundane human realities, while pre-existing as the power behind every particle in the Universe?


This Hybridization is found in all sacred texts, promised in the oldest Hebrew scripture, and corroborated with insurmountable scientific discovery. Literally everything points to the cosmic office of Christ, displayed universally in countless lives, and particularly in that of Jesus. The Christological convergence of humanity with the Divine, is not some leap of faith, nor myth, nor conversion to religion. It’s seeing, hearing, and following the measured and the perceived into a much wider and inclusive Reality. Paul said:

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible”

Reality converges at the intersection of the seen and unseen. May we all start there.