There is a difference between the cultural church delivery system and the REAL Church. When you watch the transformation effects on this mans’ life  by those who cared enough to believe in him and invest in him, you are witnessing the footprint of God’s redemptive efforts in the world.  What? It doesn’t look like you thought it would? Well the most religious people of Jesus day said the same thing about the Messiah, and they couldn’t see him when they looked in his very eyes.

If you think this transformation lacks some spiritual component or some “Tim Tebow” public confession of Jesus, then your eyes are still not able to see what is right before you. I submit to you that this kind of transformation is not possible without the Spirit converting a person to “possibility”, and that only comes from God (“with God all things are possible…”- Matthew 19:26)

I believe you are witnessing a real healing, and the way it touches over 8 million people tells us something about how vital this transformation is to each of us. It inspires us to be better, to make changes, to progress.

I encourage you to start rethinking the church. Stop being small and sectarian, open your eyes and be a part of something that makes the world so much better. Stop DOING church and start BEING the church!  The world is waiting.