Mother’s Day

We all have a mother.  Every single person was incubated in a womb of woman.

It’s strange when you stop and think about it.

But we know that the gestation process is different than mothering, although it certainly starts there.

Some mothers are cruel.

Some mothers are so selfish.

Some mothers pick favorites among their children.

Some mothers use their kids to live out their own failed attempts at life.

Some mothers are over protective.

All mothers are imperfect.


Some mothers are so generous and self sacrificing. It’s humbling.

Some love their children more than they need them. It almost makes you weep.

Some mothers light the path so their children can find their way in life.

Some mothers are not afraid to give their kids wings.

We are all a by-product of our mothers.

For those who had mothers who just didn’t get it; who hurt you; abandoned you, or who competed with you, let me say first that I’m sorry you have had to experience that. Remember they likely didn’t have a good model to work from either.

Let me also add, that we all have two families. The one we can’t control, and the one we can control. You can recapture some of what you have lost in your second family, be it with your own children, through adoption, or through great friendships.

Don’t let your future be determined by your past.

For those who had great mothers, try and and share with them just how much you appreciate all they have done for you.

Let me stretch this a bit more.

Mother’s never die. 50% of our DNA comes directly from them. We are formed by them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in countless ways. Their teaching manifests itself in our daily lives, and as such a part of them continues to live within us.  We honor them by reflecting those parts of them that the world needs to see.

There is no reason our conversations with them should ever end.

Thanks Mom, and to all the mothers out there, thankyou for making our world so great.

God Bless you.