How bad do you want to PREVAIL?

Nearly 20 Million people have seen the video above. Watch this now!

What does that tell you?

This video captures so well just how much effort is required to overcome the gravity in the world.

I was thinking about Jacob and the story of how he wrestles with God and refuses to turn loose of him until he receives a blessing. This tenacity ends in his hip socket get popped out of whack, but it also ends in a unique story of God relenting and man prevailing. (Genesis 32:22-32)

How bad do you want to breath? How much do you want breath? Again the bible amazingly ties breath (pneuma) to spirit. (John 3:8).

I think 19 million people completely understand this, even though they may not define it using biblical categories.  They know that success is equal to thriving in life. It means well-being for ourselves and all those we touch. It expands our ability to benefit the world. It is liberation.

The aspect risking it all for the sake of this kind of spirit is what this is all about. It’s not about getting paid. It’s not about being a big shot.

It’s about living authentically. living with Spirit.

How bad do you want it?