Dark Days 1: Good News, You’re Depressed!

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The National Institute of Mental Health states that in a twelve month period, nearly 7% of Americans (14.8 Million) will have a severe episode of depression. This is higher among whites, particularly women, and particularly those in the age range of 18-49. Even more startling is that one in every six people you know suffers from anxiety.

I have personally suffered with anxiety since I was in my late twenties. Once I figured out what was going on, I began to learn all I could about it. It started getting to the point where my world was shrinking so much that it was interfering with many things I wanted to do in life. My internal Boogey Man was such that my doctor asked if I wanted to try medication. I elected not to. I would go into a funk and it felt like nothing was going to get me out of it. Each time it felt like I was hitting a new low. It sucked and I hated how I felt.

In my search, I learned something that incrementally turned everything around. I wouldn’t say I’m completely free, but the 900 lb gorilla on my back is more like a little sock monkey with bad advise.

In this series, I will be sharing what I’ve learned. I hope I can enter your dark place with just enough light so that you can orient yourself and find your pathway out. I hope you will share this with others you know.

Please remember that I’m not a medical nor mental health professional. I am however, an expert in the soul. I will show you that the soul is not distinct from our brain or behavior, but encompasses all aspects of our humanity. Thus the mental health empire doesn’t completely own this space.  The soul is our true self.

I no longer suffer from anxiety though I may have occasional moments. I rarely find myself in a funk anymore, and to this day I have never taken any prescription medication for my condition. If this kind of change is possible for me, then it must be possible for others. 

Most people are not aware of alternative ways to approach anxiety and depression. If we don’t see the success we desire, we will feel hopeless and stuck. I will provide you an alternative consideration that doesn’t see our dark days as a problem to eradicate, but a purposeful process through which we become our very best self.

Imagine that! Its good news that you are depressed. What if depression and anxiety are side-effects of refusing to become our true self?  For that to be good news, we will need to orient ourself, and we will begin next week.


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