Dark Days 2, What’s Your Compass?

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It is staggering to discover how many people go through life feeling like crap all the time. People adapt to anxiety and depression long before they ever acknowledge them. Many will adopt feeling bad, depressed or afraid as part of their personality. They define themselves by their problem. This is our first clue that the problem goes beyond brain chemistry.

Our first step forward is to orient ourselves. We need to find the “mall map” to determine if we are next to Cinnabon or Nordstrom. Life is too precious to live in a lost state.

If you navigate solely off of the compass used by our modern world, then you will orient yourself using the DSM-5 (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition). Once a medical professional has given a diagnosis, or a label, you are on their particular path. I will call this the clinical or traditional path.

This path is well researched with solid treatment plans that have helped many people. I’ve learned much from the best in this space. If you are on this path, it is not my intention to get you to change paths, especially if you are taking medication. There is no way for me to know the severity of your reality, so I can only speak in a general sense, and my experience may not be typical. It’s sad I have to qualify my statements, but there are powers and people who will diminish and harm any alternatives.

How many people do you know that are not thrilled with their outcomes? I’ve seen medication help some folks, while it completely ruins others. What are the options for someone who is skeptical of the clinical path?

If you are able to receive it, there is another path. The Greek word for soul is Psuché, from which we derive our word Psychology. Ironically, the clinical path is governed by psychology and brain science which focus on brain chemicals and behaviors and says nothing about the soul. These modify our behaviors and experience by manipulating brain chemicals. It is a philosophy based upon externals. You can learn more in my book; Getting Better When You Can’t. It’s a philosophy that says we ARE our chemistry. This is true, but it is not all that is true.

To orient ourself we must determine if the problem in our brain or in our consciousness? Does the brain produce consciousness? Does consciousness produce the brain?  What if its both? Dualism hurts us here too.

The soul or psuché is more than a brain, it encompasses non-physical aspects of the whole person. I will prove that non-physical/spiritual realities are impacting our physical well-being. Word always becomes flesh (John 1:14).