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We don’t usually think about the connection between the self and our body, until we perceive a problem. A virus is a war within our body to which we are clueless until we’re able to perceive decline. Injuries disrupt this connection too. Aging is the gradual dislocation. Chronic pain or paralyzation are chasms where the spirit cannot entirely reach the flesh. Death is the self or soul becoming mutually exclusive to this body.

Our bodies need healing, restoration, and integration.

The most common disease is a healthy body housing a lost or disintegrated (pseudo) self. Sóizo is the biblical word meaning healing, salvation or rescue. Healing restores/rescues the connection between our spirit/soul/self to our body. This is different than a mind/body connection. Confusion, distraction, depression, addiction, anger, insecurity, fear, and isolation are chronic sickness. These are the self which has wandered from itself and forgotten the body.

We need psychological, emotional and spiritual rejoining.

Another disease is the self who is over-identified with their body. The pseudo-self erects an phototropic idol of the body and then lives vicariously through it, maximizing the body’s pleasure or performance. This defiant, oblivious soul denies the body’s inevitable death. Hedonism is a self who mistakenly concludes its existence ceases when the body does.

Healing restores the relationship to spirit and flesh.

Who offers such healing?

Spirituality is not an escape from the body, but rightly restores the orbit and gravity of both. We are not our bodies, but we are also not other than them either. A doctor offers no healing if our flesh is made whole but our soul remains lost. A Guru offers no healing if our spirituality fails to discipline the body and its appetites. Flesh and spirit span two dimensions of reality. This is what Imago Dei (image of God) means… to be like-Christ… a spiritual force in human flesh.

Healing begins and ends as the restoration of Christ consciousness. Healing is sight to the blind.

Healing (sóizo-salvation) is less about an event, but a lifestyle of integrating both spiritual and physical dimensions. Healing does not erase, but transforms our scars. The resurrection is a promise to permanently integrate our scars with everlasting beauty, thus wiping every tear, and making all sad things untrue. Healing is being able to see ourself beyond death. In fact death, rather than being the end, will permanently heal our inability to see our life and body as they actually are… the very life of Christ.

Healing begins once we stop chasing the wind of fiction and pretense. Healing is connecting our being to the very being of God. Healing is seeing the love of God in and as our very life, exactly as it is, with all its potential and imperfections. Healing is here. Healing is now. Healing begins for those with open hands not clutched fists.

Do you want to be healed? John 5:6