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Godlessness is a dream state. What we mean by Godless is an endless parade of horrible events, evil people, or corrupt systems which ruins life for others. To be “godless” implies that one is without God, but that is impossible. We can have no existence nor “being” apart from the existence or being of God.

The assumed definition of godless is the rejection of God and refusal to obey. Godless means we possess the delusion of agency independent from anyone or anything else. How commonplace to find our ego upon the throne of life. Greg Bahnsen describes godlessness as a child sitting on her father’s lap, in order to slap His face. Kierkegaard defines godless as the refusal to be a self before God.

Pride is the most Godless a soul can be.

We all displace unwanted thoughts. We relocate them to the periphery of our minds because such considerations evoke a multi-modal reaction within us. We’re pregnant, gestating a pseudonym which distracts itself with the faults and sins of others. By comparing and competing we pave over the bumps emerging from within.

Happy thoughts. Fainting goats. Scroll and swipe. Distract and Ignore. Hide and die.

Our godless delusion takes other forms. Anger and hatred. We relish displacing our undesirable feelings upon the opposing team. Politics is the quagmire of self-hatred, disguised as a war defending justice. Political and media voices profit and bloat on the justifiable blame where the other is causing our dissonance.

The horrors of our world are the blossoms from the godless seeds within us all. Our dissociative bias ignores our festering soul, and believes the solution is external through policy, military, or taxes. Religion has tried its remedy of ritual and morality and still the Savior says: “…you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and corruption..”

The only rational, reliable reprieve from godlessness is to find ourselves in God. This is not religion, but a spiritual journey to which we have already arrived. No pastor, priest, imam, or guru can confer a legitimate path, for one is not needed. The shepherd of our godless soul has found us in our wilderness of distraction, pain, isolation, and hatred. There is nothing to do for salvation, we must simply BE rescued. Acknowledge the lap upon which we all sit.

Our godless delusion dissipates as our agency converges with others. Is that person who cut us off an idiot, our is it me? Is the corrupt politician fundamentally different than he who avoids taxation? Are the self-interests of Wall Street fundamentally different than the beggar? The litmus test of a godless world heading toward destruction, or the promised New World emerging is as eminent as our next interaction with people, animals, and creation.

Godlessness is a delusion. Awaken now and stop pretending.

“Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.” 1 John 2:9